Zyprexa User Stories

Zyprexa User Stories

Zyprexa User Stories from Mental Health Community Chat Rooms

"No one told me I'd get fat. I'm very angry with this drug. I only took it for about a month before I had to stop. there are 30 days in a month. I gained pretty close to 30 lbs in that time."

"Because it was difficult to get back to my original psychiatrist, I decided to use one in a small town to manage my meds...BIG MISTAKE. She put me on Zyprexa. Within 3 days I threw it away. I could not even function (probably because I was not, at the time, experiencing acute mania behavior)."

"Zyprexa knocked me out to the point that I was unable to wake up for a housefire and my husband had to carry me out of the house! I could not even take care of my kids. In addition to that, in the 3 months that I took it, I gained 50 pounds. AWFUL."

"Gained 13 pounds in about five days. Total weight gain is 21 pounds in 2 months."

"My son took Zyprexa for about a year when he was 8 years old. Not only did it cause horrendous weight gain (60 lbs. within the first 2-3 months), it also caused him to hallucinate worse, rage more frequently and develop manic symptoms."


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