Zyprexa and Manic Depression: Zyprexa Off Label Usage

Zyprexa and Manic Depression: Zyprexa Off Label Usage

The term manic depression was coined in the 19th century by psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin to describe the duality expressed in the condition of many patients whose moods fluctuated dramatically between the extremes of "mania," characterized by extreme activity and emotion, to "depression," a period of extreme despondency and melancholy. The limited understanding of the structure and function of the brain prevented proper diagnosis of the roles of neurochemicals, but these studies in the early part of the 20th century laid the groundwork for later breakthroughs in pharmaceutical treatment of manic depression.

Early treatments for manic depression concentrated on balancing the extremes between the moods of mania and depression, but damaged brain function in the process. Zyprexa reduced the occurrence of many side effects of earlier drugs, such as uncontrollable spastic movements and loss of coordination, but studies showed an increase in obesity, stroke, and diabetes. Eli Lilly & Co, the company responsible for Zyprexa, was well aware of the risks but released Zyprexa into the market in 1996. Since then, Eli Lilly has earned 4.3 billion dollars in 2004 in Zyprexa sales alone.

Suffering from any painful side effects that weren't fully disclosed is unfair. If you or a loved one has experienced potentially dangerous adverse effects from Zyprexa, then you have a right to compensation based on your experience. Contact our lawyers today for a free case review as soon as possible.

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