Zyprexa and Depression

Zyprexa and Depression

Everyone suffers from a form of depression at one point in their lives. This depression is usually triggered by a negative event, but is also can be a consequence of stress and general anxiety. Normally sadness will pass with time, but clinical depression is a state of despondency which lasts longer than two weeks and that interferes with day to day life. Depression afflicts up to an estimated 16% of the population over the course of a lifetime, disproportionately affecting twice as many women as men.

Clinical depression is characterized by profound periods of despair accompanied by weight fluctuations, fatigue, and listlessness. These feelings can overpower the strongest individual, and the World Health Organization predicts depression will become the second leading cause of disability after heart disease by 2020. Because of the increased market for antidepressants, many pharmaceutical companies make their drugs available to treat depression regardless of their original intent. Zyprexa was originally developed to combat schizophrenia and bipolar disorders, but doctors prescribed it to treat many of the symptoms of depression, such as eating disorders and mood swings. Eli Lilly & Co, Zyprexa's developer, did not recommend against such action for fear that it would reduce the 4.3 billion dollar revenue Zyprexa earns annually. Unfortunately, Zyprexa causes a number of devastating side effects, such as diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular damage.

If taking a prescribed medication like Zyprexa has caused you undue harm, then you need to contact an attorney today. You could receive compensation for the unnecessary suffering that the drug has caused. Don't delay though, for individual states limit the amount time you have to collect damages. Contact our lawyers today for a free case review.

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