Hiring a Zyprexa Lawyer

Hiring a Zyprexa Lawyer

An experienced Zyprexa personal injury attorney is an imperative part of a successful suit against the makers of this drug. All defective drug litigation is inherently complex, but cases involving Zyprexa are even more so. The multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry is fiercely combative when protecting huge present and future profits.

Eli Lilly and other drug companies have a powerful financial incentive to resist acknowledging their accountability in the ever-growing controversy, effectively putting the burden on innocent victims to prove the correlation. The company continues to defend their highly profitable drug at the expense of consumer suffering. There's a reason: sales of atypical antipsychotic drugs such as Zyprexa reached $6.4 billion in 2002, making them the fourth highest-selling class of drugs in the country.

If you are suffering from the side effects of Zyprexa, you deserve both answers to your questions and financial compensation for your experience. Hiring an experienced Zyprexa lawyer today can help you regain your peace of mind - contact our lawyers today for a free case review.

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